The Founder – Franz Chen

Franz Chen, founder and CEO of Franz Porcelain, is a successful and artistic entrepreneur. Franz Porcelain's international logo and label “Franz” was derived from the founder Chen Li-Heng’s German name, Franz Chen. This label proclaims the confidence and ambition of the man behind the porcelains. With nearly three decades of steadfast experience in OEM and ODM, the chairman of Seagull Group, Franz Chen, created his proprietary “Franz” porcelain label and a world famous porcelain of a new age.

Franz Chen hopes to awaken people's appreciation of nature and Eastern philosophical wisdom through porcelain arts. Hence, Franz Porcelain incorporates the beautiful themes of nature into creative and unique gift items. Franz Chen believes that unlike biotechnology or other modern science, culture and arts are the culmination of wisdoms of countless generations and traditions. His vision is for Franz Porcelain to help serve as an awakening of awareness and creativity in life and to guide people into appreciating artwork and integrating art into their everyday lives.

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