Design Style and Artistry

Franz Porcelain is honored to have a design team who recognize and love to study the magnificent beauty of nature. The artists share a common ecological ideology and think of nature as a symbol representing all things as precious and inspiring.

Franz Porcelain is created using the finest Chinese clay and glaze – and with a little touch of magic from the goodwill of the Chinese spirits of Fire and Earth! The incredible artistic skill required to produce each and every lifelike detail in relief is beautifully combined with a subtle Oriental color palette, creating a distinctively stylish home décor collection.

Experts in the company independently developed a patented technology. “Under Cut” is one of the most difficult processes in manufacturing porcelain. Franz’s unique patented technology, “Method of Making A Ceramic Ornament Having Short Undercuts On Surface Thereof,” has successfully overcome this problem. This advanced technology allows Franz to produce unique artifacts with intricate details and relief that no other porcelain manufacturers can come close to duplicating.

As one of the world's most creative and highly innovative manufacturers of quality porcelain art, Franz Porcelain is aware of the importance of animal protection and is strongly determined to use no animal powder in its products. Hence, Franz invented a special glaze formula that allows its products to be animal bone powder free and still achieve the same effect of vitrification as fine bone china. Besides, to save energy and reduce the emission of CO², we use a new formula to lower the firing temperature to 1,205 degrees Celsius, striving to do no harm to the earth in the manufacturing procedures. All pieces are FDA approved and meet national standards GB 12651-2003.

Every piece of porcelain that Franz Porcelain delivers to our valuable customers superbly illustrates Franz Porcelain creators’ graceful design, intricate skills, and the desire for perfection.

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